‪It’s NATURAL To Eat MEAT‬‏ – YouTube

‪It’s NATURAL To Eat MEAT‬‏ – YouTube.

Recently saw this through some friend’s post and thoroughly enjoyed her perspective on eating meat. I am not big into eating meat, poultry, or dairy. The number one reason is from exactly what she illustrates: what we are eating is so far removed from what it used to be.

When someone talks to me about how caveman did this or how our body needs meat, i always think there is a crucial element missing. The foods that we ate way way back in the day are COMPLETELY different than the foods we are eating now.

I recall in one of my classes in high school that taught me about how they were making a seed vault to house all of the original seeds of plants just in case we needed them to fight revive a plant species. Another reason could be if we played with a seed so much that a pest or issue would arise that would wipe out all of that crop.

Enjoy the video!

‪It’s NATURAL To Eat MEAT‬‏ – YouTube.

Curious to learn more about this Doomsday Seed Vault?

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Doomsday Seed Vault


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