Food As Your Medicine

The Overwhelming Evidence of the Healing Power of Food

Dr. Mark Hyman is a phenomenal doctor who believes in a simple truth: “All medicine comes down to this: Find out what’s bugging you; get rid of it. Find out what you need; get it. The body does the rest.” I thoroughly enjoy his philosophy on how the human body can heal itself when given the proper assistance. In this article Dr. Hyman elaborates on the evidence of how food can heal you. He cites from the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” and talks about the findings presented in their like how researchers in Finland took two groups of people with pre-diabetes and gave them different diets. The result was a 100% for those who had the diet that was supposed to fight against diabetes.

Additionally, in this article Dr. Hyman does a juxtaposition of other medical journals and their “sponsorships” as well as advertising in general for pharmaceuticals.

The Overwhelming Evidence of the Healing Power of Food

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