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My Friends Laughed When I Said I Was Going To A Running Clinic, But When I Ran Past Them!

“A running clinic? You put one foot in front of the other and do it faster and faster. Next thing you know you beat Usain Bolt,” a friend mockingly said to me.

“With wearing those five-finger toed shoes, he’ll be so sore.”

“He hasn’t even been running for that long, so what can this clinic teach him, hahaha!”


My Story…

I haven’t been much of a runner. I started to run recently because I wanted something new to do. I did the Warrior Dash, I did the Turkey Trot, played ultimate frisbee, I’ve ran on the beach and jogged to warm up before a workout. I wouldn’t call myself a runner. Most of my running came from throwing snowballs at cars and dashing into the woods before I was caught.


The Running Breakthrough…

“Welcome to the POSE running clinic! We’re going to have you run the 400m 4 times and I’ll videotape you on the last two runs because I want to see how you run when you’re tired.”

As sweat dripped down my face I saw Fernando with his iPad videotaping me from the front; the next time he was videotaping from the side.

We then gathered inside for what I thought would be the video review. Instead we learned about proper running technique and then did simple drills that made everyone humble in their fitness.

Afterwards we did simple running drills from the concepts that Fernando had taught us. Next thing I know it clicked! Running is actually super simple and effortless when you run correctly!

We watched the videos and Fernando, Bryan, and Tom (3 crossfit coaches) analyzed our running technique and very specifically told us several things were doing wrong and exactly how to fix it with trainings we could do as well as what to think to get the outcome.

With our minds filled with several things to correct, we headed out to run again and get videoed again.

“Just focus on one thing we told you and do it 100%,” Fernando said before we ran.

This time do the 400m two times and on the last one sprint the last 200m.

As we were catching our breath Fernando started the video up again and gave us another analysis and showed us how we improved. For myself I focused on not breaking at the hips and from that corrected another area of my running as well. Not only that the sprinting seemed much easier than normal.


The class ended with each of us walking away with the precise knowledge in how to become an OUTSTANDING runner.

…so I wanted to test that.

“Hey wanna hit the gym? Maybe do a run warm up on the treadmill when we get there?” I asked my roommate.

Putting the POSE technique to the test!

We headed to the gym. I wanted to see how fast I could do a mile. I started the treadmill and started walking as I got my iPod on some music. Two minutes passed and I found the song and turned the speed up to 6; seemed like I was still walking. Turned the speed up to 9; still seemed rather slow. Turned the speed up to 10 and ran for half a mile. I had a quarter of a mile left and thought, “what the hell, let’s see how fast I can run!” Turned the machine up to 12 and was sprinting but I felt like I was just floating and barely falling forward. Quarter mile was up and I felt great!

It isn’t a matter of IF you should go to a POSE running clinic, it is a question will you go before you get injured from your poor running technique. POSE technique was the best use of a Saturday morning! Fernando, Bryan, and Tom are PHENOMENAL coaches and you will learn how to run like Usain Bolt in a few hours, but it is up to you to practice and use the knowledge they gave you.

Knowledge is potential, action is power. Sign up for a class today and visit South Florida Crossfit!

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