Is Diet Soda Worse Than Regular Soda?

I recently read a study about how diet soda when mixed with alcohol will actually get you drunker than regular soda and alcohol. You can read the article here.

There are several reasons why all soda should be avoided and the most important one is usually overlooked.

To back up for a moment, when i refer to soda i’m talking about your Coca-Colas, Pepsis, Mountain Dews, etc… I’m not talking about mineral water or soda water for the moment.

Here are the obvious reasons why regular soda in general is bad:

  • High in sugar
  • No nutritional value
  • Highly acidic and rots teeth
  • High in calorie

From this list the main focus is sugar, so most people resort to grabbing a diet soda to quench their thirst and avoid the sugar. Still there is a HUGE concern when drinking diet soda and one that is not addressed in most articles that cast stones against regular soda.

For example, i was reading another article from CNN Health talking about how regular soda can cause strokes for those who drink the beverage regularly.

There is no doubt that soda should be avoided but what is the one glaringly obvious reason to avoid all sodas?

Phosphoric Acid.

Phosphoric Acid hiding right there in your soda!!!
Yep, the thing you see and assume is some preservative or what not that doesn’t make a bit of difference in your beverage or body. Well let me tell you these two words are wreaking havoc on your body in one of the worse ways.

Phosphoric acid leeches calcium from your bones when you have too much phosphoric acid…and yes drinking that soda (be it diet or not) is giving you way too much phosphoric acid.

What does that mean, leeching calcium? Think of a building. All buildings have a foundation. Now image that building being a skyscraper and that the foundation is starting to rot away; the foundation is starting to weaken, it’s crumbling little by little.

What is going to happen to that building? IT’S GOING TO COLLAPSE! This is what is going on in your body by having the calcium being leeched out: your bones, which are your body’s foundation is being weakened. Next time you stub your toe you could chip a bone. Maybe when you trip and fall you’ll end up breaking a wrist.

Most people think it is just a sign of getting older, but it could be because your accelerating your calcium depletion and thus weakening all your bones.

Anytime you see phosphoric acid on the ingredients: do not consume. You can easily avoid it as well, drink juices and waters.

If you are progressing from drinking soda regularly to stopping drinking soda, then make sure to continue to progress beyond staying in the “drinking diet soda is healthy” and use diet soda as a crunch until you can progress away and just have fizzy water or regular water.

You can even jazz up your water by getting something as cool as this!

Personally, i slice up lemons and soak them in my water bottles and then eventually eat the lemon slices once they have gone through a couple fills of my water bottle. Since the lemon is so sour tasting it unbalances my tastebuds and will make the next few sips of water taste really sweet 😉

Also try adding minerals into your water to give it more flavor so you don’t feel the need to reach for that flavorful soda. I add Trace Minerals into my water because majority of us are low in magnesium and that is mainly what this product gives you. It gives the water sort of a weird taste but once you get used to it you will actually crave it. Happened to me.

Please lessen you consumption of soda and diet soda. Think to yourself about why you reach for the soda, what is that you are really craving? More than likely you have associated soda as a reward or a pleasurable drink and you aren’t drinking it because you need soda, but rather because you want to experience a bit of euphoria. In that case grab your water, smile, and go for a walk. Next thing you know you will be feeling better and have stronger bones than ever 😉

Want to learn even more?

Grocery Store Tips: Grocery Store, PLU code, and ANDI Score

The grocery store is one of my favorite places to go. No pushy sales people, it’s filled with food, and there are pretty girls (well i shop at whole foods, check it out ;-)).

Tip #1: How to navigate the grocery store

Here is a tip that i got from LL Cool J’s book, Platinum Workout:

Think of the grocery store as a track, and do 90 percent of your shopping in the running lanes on the outside: stay off the infield. This will limit your intake of unhealthy fats (especially trans fats) and calories. The stores are nearly all set up the same way; produce on one side, meats and fish in the back, and dairy and bread on the other side. All the stuff you shouldn’t be eating is in the middle.

LL Cool J’s book was also written with Dave “Scooter” Honig who is a celebrity trainer and got LL Cool J looking like this:

LL Cool J ripped

You must respect diet

Easy enough, right? Think of the grocery store like a track. The only things i ever go into the “infield” for are the following: canned beans, pasta sauce, almond/hazelnut/hemp milk, or hummus. Otherwise everything i need is on the outside (depending where they put the bulk food like rice, nuts, seeds, granola, etc…)

Tip #2: PLU Codes

UPDATE: Dr. Emile Allen has provided some links to provide further information about PLU codes

Pay attention to the information around your food. When you get your fruits and veggies have you ever noticed that annoying sticker that fails off in your bag or sticks to your kitchen counter top? Well that little sticker contains some very valuable information. That sticker holds the PLU code (Price Look-Up, i know creative name).

Now are you ready to get REALLY EXCITED?!?! That little sticker holds the key to if you are about to purchase organically grown food, food that is neither organic nor genetically modified, or genetically modified food. Here is the breakdown of the first number and what it means:

  • 9: Organic
  • 0: not organic, not genetically modified
  • 8: genetically modified

Example: 94011 would be an organic banana.

So “9” is divine, “0” is mango, and “8” is wait. In other words, 9 is the best one you want but when it comes to hard skinned fruits and veggies (ones where you do not eat the skin) then 0 is perfectly fine. 8’s are the ones you want to avoid and do not buy.

Here is some great info about PLU codes:

UPDATE: Dr. Emile Allen has provided some additional links about PLU codes

Tip #3: ANDI Score and Whole Foods

ANDI Score for Apple at Whole Foods

ANDI Score for Apple at Whole Foods

ANDI: Aggregate Nutrient Density Index. What does Whole Foods has to say:

ANDI is the scoring system we are now using to rate the “Nutrient Density” of whole foods.  ANDI stands for “Aggregate Nutrient Density Index” and was created to identify foods with the highest nutritional value.  The USDA estimates that less than 5% of Americans meeting the minimum daily requirement for essential vitamins and minerals.  As a result, millions of people suffer from food cravings and overeating.  Research has shown that a properly nourished body will seek its ideal weight and won’t succumb to chronic & degenerative diseases.ANDI was created to help consumers quickly and accurately identify foods with the highest nutritional values. No need to memorize the best source of this or that vitamin.   ANDI takes the most important nutrients into consideration including: Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Vitamin E and even phytochemicals that are potent antioxidants vital for optimal health.

And the best news is that you don’t need to count calories or obsess over fat.  The ANDI formula is very simple: ANDI = Nutrients divided by Calories.  So the highest scoring foods have the fewest calories and virtually no fat.  Foods are ranked on a scale of 1 to 1000.  Kale and collards receive the top score of 1000 while cola lands at the bottom of the scale with a 1.

Now go to the grocery store and use this knowledge! Don’t be one of those idiots preaching about nutrition as you eat a genetically modified apple.

Knowledge is potential; action is power.

What grocery store tips do you have? Post it in the comments and share your knowledge.